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At Professional Power washing & Property Maintenance headquartered in San Ramon CA, we are determined to be your go-to exterior cleaner for many years to come. Our company prides itself on Professionalism from start to finish and we want you to have the opportunity to experience our commitment. We specialize in Soft-Wash, Power Wash, Best Pressure Washing Services of exterior Residential/Commercial shopping centers, multi- unit and entire H.O.A communities.

Roof Soft Washing

Now, the first thing that you want to consider when it comes to hiring a professional to handle your roof cleaning in San Ramon is certain questions as in licensed and insured? Now, if you see black streaks on the roof, this means that you have started growing algae on your roof. IT is going to survive by feeding on the shingles. This is capable of delivering a lot of damages, so you need to make sure that you contact our roof cleaning in San Ramon.

Why Hire Professionals?

Using the techniques of the highest quality, our certified employees ensure no damage done to the outer layer of your roof while cleaned.  The Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association describes this kind of services as environmentally friendly and recommends it as the optimal cleaning solution for any kind of roofs.

Our Roof Cleaning in San Ramon. The best pressure washing services.

Now, we have a very soft washing solution, and we aim at being a particularly professional in terms of working with our customers. This is the perfect method that we’ve managed to come up with in order to handle our customer’s requests because it’s going to protect the shingles as well as the landscaping and it is going to deliver the best possible results. Furthermore, it is going to prevent the causing of any kind of damage. We also have a dedicated roof pump set up in order to distribute the powerful cleaning solution gently and evenly.

In order to get a full glimpse of the scope of our services, they include: The best pressure washing services.

We are striving to provide the highest quality services on the market in San Ramon. As you can see, our entire process is committed to safety, and all of our professionals follow well-established protocols. All of the equipment that we use is improved and approved by the industry, and it manages to deliver the highest standards. This is particularly important as we aim to achieve the best results when it comes to roof cleaning in San Ramon. This is the only way to stay on top of the competition and oblige the strict needs of our clients.

House soft wash

Repeated cleaning of a home or building’s exterior is crucial to maintaining the overall look of the structure and can improve a person’s general health. Mold and mildew can be the cause of a number of health issues including breathing difficulties, coughing or wheezing.

Professional Powerwashing & Maintenance is your answer to keeping away the nasty buildup that occurs when proper cleaning has been neglected. Our experts will tailor a specific methodology based on your home or building’s exterior condition and offer an affordable solution. Contact Professional Powerwashing & Maintenance for a free estimate.

Why should I clean my home/building?

You want to maintain the exterior of your home for multiple reasons. One main reason is aesthetics. Nothing is worse than pulling into your driveway and realizing you own the dirtiest property on the block. The other main reason is health. The typical buildup you find on the exterior of a house or building is a combination of algae, mildew, mold, and lichen. These can be irritants to sinuses and can contribute to major health issues. If not removed, the buildup will only get worse, as it is airborne and will slowly migrate around all sides if not attended to. The buildup you see on the outside of a house or building can be easily removed and safely eliminated for years.

Rust Removal The best pressure washing services.

Rust is not only unpleasant to look at, but can be very difficult to remove. Trust the professionals at Professional Powerwashing & Maintenance to eliminate rust before it gets out of hand. Many people can have health-related problems due to rust that has not been cleaned from surfaces. Call us today for free estimate!

Why should I remove rust? – Rust is all around us. Rust, or iron oxide, occurs when water comes in contact with bare steel or alloy that contains iron. Rust develops when the bare steel or alloy is exposed to moisture and oxygen for a prolonged period of time. The oxygen combines with the bare metal or alloy at an atomic level, forming rust or iron oxide. It is important to keep your eye on this type of buildup. Not only is it very unsightly, but it can cause permanent damage. Catching the rust at an early stage in its buildup can mean the difference between complete extraction or faded rust color damage to a finish or completely failed finish that requires a restoration service.

What is the methodology? The best pressure washing services.

Removing rust is not as easy as it seems. First identifying what the rust has stained is of the utmost importance. Sure, you can go to a hardware store and attempt to use an “over-the-counter” product, but you could run the serious risk of putting yourself in the hospital. Using an acid based solution is very common when trying to extract rust. It is very important to understand the safety precautions when doing a service such as this.

 Respirators, eye protection, full bodied suit (if applicable), and gloves are a must! The gases that are given off during a chemical reaction while extracting iron oxide are deadly if inhaled, may cause blindness, burn and / or be very irritating to your skin even if a mist of the acid touches it. There are also specific acids for different surfaces. We strongly recommend Professional Powerwashing & Maintenance Services – we have years of experience and the know-how to correctly and safely remove or attempt to remove (depending how long the buildup has been there and its concentration) that unpleasant looking orange-colored growth.

Paver patio cleaning/sealing

A paver patio is a beautiful and worthwhile investment for your home. However, how good is an investment without proper maintenance. Patios are regularly exposed to all kinds of weathering, making them susceptible to visible damage. Naturally, you would want your home’s exterior to be spotless and inviting which is why paver patio cleaning and sealing is a necessity.

Before spending money on anything, we are bound to ask ourselves questions such as “Is this worth it?”, and “What are the benefits of this?”

Not to worry. To answer all your questions, we have listed below are the benefits of a clean/sealed paver patio.

Benefits of A Clean And Sealed Paver Patio. The best pressure washing services.

1. A Refined And Polished AppearanceThe best pressure washing services.

Natural pavers have a raw, rustic look that may be appealing to some but this may not fit with most decor styles. On the other hand, sealed pavers look polished and help complete your patio’s aesthetic. And the look of your home as well, of course.

The sealed paver’s shine provides a refined look that increases your curb’s appeal while complementing your home.

2. Increased Weather ResistanceThe best pressure washing services.

Pavers are usually naturally porous, making it vulnerable to water damage and erosion. Sealing acts as a resistant layer for pavers, against heavy rain and harsh UV rays. UV rays cause the pavers to fade. Paver Cleaning and sealing draws out the colors, making your patio look vibrant again.

If you reside in an area with extreme rain and sun,  paver patio sealing is essential. With that being said, almost all areas are exposed to the harsh sun at some point in the day, so, paver sealing is a must regardless of the climate in your area.

Employ our professional services in San Ramon, Danville Alamo, etc to prevent paver patio damage.

3. Damage PreventionThe best pressure washing services.

Paver patio sealing covers unwanted cracks, establishing a smooth surface. This prevents chipping and cracks.

Air temperatures tend to constantly change, inviting an unwelcome expansion and contraction in the pavers. Sealing reduces this, and lesser movement indicates a lesser probability of cracking, making your pavers last longer.

4. Improved DrainageThe best pressure washing services.

Unsealed pavers trap and absorb water, leading to not only damage but also inhibition of proper drainage. The smooth surface you get after paver patio sealing enables roll-off, so water isn’t collected in the paved area.

You can make use of our services in Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Blackhawk, etc to ensure smooth drainage in your patio area.

5. Easier Maintenance

Paver sealing acts as a protective coat against oil and other stains your patio may be subjected to. It also hinders the growth of insects, weeds, algae, and mildew. So, if and when they do grow, it’s easier to clean them.

Needless to say, a smooth surface with fewer strains leads to easier maintenance. Our professionals in Castro Valley, Lafayette, Moraga, etc can help make the maintenance process a breeze.

Why Choose Professionals?

Contrary to popular belief, you can save money by using professional services such as ours instead of DIY cleaning and sealing. A trained professional can give your pavers longevity, hence significantly reducing the necessity of replacing them.

With the use of our methodology of soft washing and pressure washing, your patio will look brand new. Pressure washing rinses and flushes the buildup while the solutions used in soft washing do the cleaning. We choose a solution that is particularly compatible with the area we are cleaning to ensure a safe and thorough clean.

The quality of our work and the value for money we provide is impeccable, making the choice easier for you. A clean and sealed paver patio is aesthetically appealing as well as durable. With insured professionals like us, you can save your time, and money while being sure that your patio will be flawless.

Gutter cleaning/ guards

At Professional Power Washing and Maintenance, we provide a comprehensive type of gutter guard that is suitable for different situations.  We provide gutter guards that are highly flexible and will provide a protection to your gutters that cannot be offered by the others.  Whether you are looking to replace your old gutter guards or you are building a new home in San Francisco Professional Power Washing and Maintenance has got you covered.

The Various Benefits of Our Gutter Guards. The best pressure washing services.

The buildup of the leaves and debris in your gutter can damage the composition of your roof which can force you to acquire an expensive home renovation.  Here at Professional Power Washing and Maintenance, we strive hard to provide you with reliable options in order to prevent the problem from occurring.  From the prevention of the ice dams to the regular cleaning of your gutter, we have it all for you.  We have been providing our expert service in San Francisco, Oakland Bay area for years now, giving them various solutions for their gutters.

The Features of Our Gutter Guards. The best pressure washing services.

Professional Power Washing and Maintenance. The best pressure washing services.

At Professional Power Washing and Maintenance, we only provide world-class gutter protection framework that will not damage your roof or your roof shingles.  Be ready to be amazed as it is capable on fitting with different types of roof.  It has no gaps, opening or large holes when you install it in your roof.  Best of all we include free gutter cleaning when we install your gutter guards.  It is the best option that you’ll ever have.

We only provide the revolutionary type of gutter guards available in the market.  The different innovation packed in our gutter guard is designed to provide the most efficient and effective protection for your gutter.  It can be combined with your roof in order to create a completely covered system that will prevent anything from permeating except the water.  This system has been surprising our customers from San Ramon, Alamo Walnut Creek, Dublin due to its unparalleled protections system.

Professional Power Washing and Maintenance. The best pressure washing services.

Finally, we also provide a cost-effective solution.  According to our latest calculation, you can save as much as $500 when you choose our company to provide you with the gutter guards.  Even if you choose to employ the expertise of our contractor, you can still end up saving at least $100. Let us take that stress away from you, call our company immediately if you have any concern about the gutter guard.  We can prevent the hassle of cleaning your gutter and avoid the premature deterioration of your gutters.

Window cleaning

Professional Power Washing and Maintenance. The best pressure washing services.

Clean Windows can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, allow fresh air to come in, and can make your home energy efficient by allowing natural light. While everyone can agree on the importance of clean windows, anyone who has attempted tackling dirty windows on their own knows how hard it is to thoroughly clean them.

You might think, “If I can just wash windows myself, there’s no need of wasting money by hiring professionals.”So, to clarify thoughts such as this, and convince you otherwise, listed below are the benefits of a professional window cleaning service.

Reasons For Using A Professional Window Cleaning Service. The best pressure washing services.

1. Extend Window Longevity.The best pressure washing services.

A professional deep window cleaning can significantly increase the life and longevity of your windows. Even if you have windows of the highest quality glass, dirt and grime may naturally cause windows to lose their functionality with time.

If you ensure proper maintenance of the windows, the odds of your windows becoming irreparable will be lessened. Windows collect all types of dirt and debris and are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Scratches and other damages can easily build up over time.

A professional window cleaning service like ours can not only undo most of the damage but can prevent further problems as well.

Heat and UV rays can inflict substantial damage on windows, leading to rapid aging, cracked frames, faulty mechanics, and increased glass fogging. Our thorough services in San Ramon, Danville, Moraga, etc can prevent the accumulation of extensive heat, hence, preventing wear and tear.

2. Better Results With Less Time And Energy. The best pressure washing services.

Our window cleaning service in Alamo, Blackhawk, Lafayette, etc boast state of the art equipment and cleaning solutions.

While being assured that your windows are being taken care of, you can invest your valuable time and energy into more productive tasks. You can use this precious time and energy to focus on multiple tasks without cutting any corners.

When the equipment, specialty cleaning solutions, and experience are combined, professionals can ensure a much more thorough clean as opposed to DIY methods.

3. Heightened Safety. The best pressure washing services.

Professional window cleaning can keep you safe and sound as they have experience accessing places that may be hard to reach for you. Our trained cleaners know how to avoid injuries and can decrease unprecedented accidents.

Our window cleaning services in Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Castro Valley, etc can not only help your physical health but also your mental health. Stress, difficulty, and anxiety that come with inexperienced window cleaning can hamper your mental health.

Additionally, a professional cleaning service will eliminate rust in the keels and doorframes as well as take care of other issues. This can be particularly useful for protecting you from break-ins. Furthermore, in case a situation may arise where you need to escape, a well-maintained window can surely assist you to do so with minimum problems

4. Curb Appeal The best pressure washing services.

A clean window helps your home look great to your visitors. Windows are often overlooked but pristine-looking windows add to the appeal of your house which can be especially beneficial if you want to rent or sell your house.

Potential tenants and buyers will get a positive first impression if your windows are free from dirt, dust, stains, etc. The attention to detail given by professional window cleaning services can make your home look attractive and highly presentable for guests.

Why Choose Us? The best pressure washing services.

Our company ensures that all our employees are properly trained. After our exemplary work, there won’t be a speckle of dirt or debris remaining on your windows.

Unclean windows can lead to the growth of mold and moisture in your home, also hampering air quality. By employing our reliable services you can rest assured that your windows will look as good as new, and very inviting.


Professional Power Washing and Maintenance. The best pressure washing services.

Curb appeal is usually very important for any business. However, curb appeal is everything to the Home Owners Associations and Multi-unit buildings in San Ramon Bay Area. With many of the HOA’s creating tighter guidelines about how houses and buildings need to look, you need to start thinking about getting your buildings cleaned more often. Having great curb appeal also helps you attract new residents and to keep your buildings looking their best. So, picking the right cleaning company in the San Ramon can have a major impact with the Home Owners Associations.

Instead of worrying about if a cleaning company will complete the work on time. Or having the service not completed to your standards, then you should hire our team of professional cleaners.  Our team provides great service that it is up to your cleaning standards. Instead of just cleaning your buildings like all the other buildings in the area, we work with you to clean the building to match the high expectations of the Home Owners Associations, your tenants, and you.

Let Us Make Your Cleaning Easier. The best pressure washing services.

We provide H.O.A cleaning services to help you maintain the outside of any multi-unit buildings. We complete a work order for all the H.O.A cleaning work that we do. This report will cover anything that we find during the H.O.A cleaning that could require your attention.

We understand how difficult and time-consuming it is to deal with tens to hundreds of tenants in one property. This is why we make communication easy between us and our clients. We can also send documentation to the board of directors, so working with them to make sure that the H.O.A cleaning is done correctly the first time.

Our H.O.A cleaning service can make the lives of you and your tenants easier, as we take care of all the cleaning.


H.O.A Cleaning Services Offered in the San Ramon, Dublin, Walnut Creek Bay Area. The best pressure washing services.

Our H.O.A cleaning service includes power washing, window cleaning, trash room cleaning, light fixture cleaning, and gutter cleaning. We are always adding new cleaning services to make sure that we meet all your cleaning needs with our services. Our H.O.A Cleaning services are done right the first time and will make your building look amazing. There is nothing more important than the first impression, and a clean building can help you make a great first impression.

Instead of forgetting to clean your building, you should just book our cleaning company. Our team will complete all their jobs within a timely manner to match the very high expectations of you and the HOA. If you are looking to keep your building clean, call us today for a quote for any of our H.O.A cleaning services. We can provide our services within 48 hours of the request being made. We also offer emergency services 24 hours a day, if you have any problems that need fixing. If you have any questions about our H.O.A cleaning services in San Ramon, please give us a call. We will be more than happy to answer them.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Professional Power Washing and Maintenance. The best pressure washing services.

Often, people don’t realise how dirty a solar panel can get, or that they need to be cleaned regularly. A common misconception is that rainwater will take care of the solar panel cleaning. While that isn’t completely false, it’s also far from the truth.

Consider your car’s windscreen. If the windscreen hasn’t been cleaned for 6 months, how much visibility would you have? If the grime is left on for too long, it will accumulate, and eventually, a “green” film forms, hampering your visibility. Even after a “rain wash”, the dust particles in the rain would settle and attach to the surface. When using the windscreen wipers, the centre is cleaned but there is a film of dirt wherever the wipers don’t reach.

Your solar panel is in a similar condition as your windscreen edges as they are subjected to the same elements. It is imperative to maximize the light entering the solar panel.

Our solar cleaning service in San Ramon, Dublin, Danville, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Alamo, Blackhawk, etc can ensure the premium condition of your solar panel.

Why Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning? The best pressure washing services.

There are various external influences such as dust, grime, salt spray, leaves, bird droppings, etc that contribute to your dirty solar panel. A photovoltaic system will perform its best when it’s able to have completely unobstructed access to the rays of the sun.

Usually, a glass coating is used for solar panels to protect solar cells. When there’s an accumulation of dust and dirt on these protective glass panels, it gradually reduces the amount of sunlight the cells gain. Hence, a clean solar panel maximises the generation of electricity. If the solar panel isn’t clean, it could lose up to 30% of its efficiency.

The untrained eye can miss multiple other problems that may crop the solar panel’s lifetime. For example, cracks that may have developed due to hail or other falling objects, or loose parts of the racking.

Solar panel cleaning is especially essential if you have a flat solar panel. An experiment showed that when you clean flat design solar panels, the energy was almost doubled overnight after 15 months of operation.

Flat panels require more maintenance as compared to the angled designs as water can pool up, and leave a residue after evaporation in the case of the former.

Why Call Professionals? The best pressure washing services.

Tap water and chemicals can leave a residue that encourages dirt buildup. Professionals like us use de-ionised water that gives a spotless and long-lasting finish to the solar panel.

Additionally, a professional solar cleaning service can securely check for potential fire safety issues, hot spots, bird or insect nests, etc. You needn’t risk injury to clean your solar panel when you can employ reliable and trained professionals like us.

Detection of crazing i.e. a web of small cracks and delamination is also crucial for the effective functioning of the panel. It’s recommended to get your solar panels cleaned regularly to prevent buildup and promote optimal functionality at all times.

Commit fully to a better environment by regularly cleaning and maintaining your solar panel. You can employ our professional solar panel cleaning services in multiple locations such as San Francisco, Berkeley, Pleasanton, Lafayette, Moraga, Castro Valley, and more.


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