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Store Front Fast Food, Building Soft Wash and More for San Ramon CACommercial Pressure Washing Services.

At Professional Power washing & Property Maintenance headquartered in San Ramon CA. We are determined to be your go-to exterior cleaner for many years to come. Our Commercial Pressure Washing Services pride itself on Professionalism from start to finish. we want you to have the opportunity to experience our commitment. We specialize in Soft-Wash, Power Wash, Pressure Wash cleaning of exterior Residential/Commercial shopping centers, multi- unit and entire H.O.A communities.


Store front fast foodCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

The most important part of any successful business is the first impression that a customer has of the business. Within seconds of looking at a business’s building and the surrounding area. And will make the decision if they will do business there. In San Ramon, you need to keep your business, and the sidewalk clean to attract customers to your business. Pressure washing helps gets all the dirt and grime off the sidewalks and building. However, there is more to food, retail, and office cleaning. Like gum removal and window cleaning, that are also an important part of keeping your business looking its best.

Best Power Washing Services:

To help keep your building in San Ramon, Dublin clean, we offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services. So, there is no need to worry about your building not being cleaned. Because you are too busy to remember to book the cleaning services. We design our cleaning plans to provide you with simple cleaning solutions for your business located in San Ramon. Our cleaning services are made up of a range of cleaning service packages to make sure that your business is completely clean every time.

It is very important to keep your business location, sidewalk, and the rest of your business site in San Ramon clean. So you will attract more customers to your business. Customers make decisions about where they shop and do business by looking at the exterior of the business. This is especially true in areas like San Francisco, Oakland, where there are many options for businesses to pick from.

Best Power Washing Services:

Instead of worrying about how clean your business is, or forgetting to hire cleaning services that week or month, you can hire us. We offer a large range of cleaning services that can be scheduled for when your business will need to be cleaned. Our team of professional cleaners ensures that your business in San Ramon, Dublin, is clean, both the building and the sidewalk. We provide you with a detailed report of the cleaning and anything repairs that you need to know about.Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

Best Power Washing Services:

Some of the cleaning services that we provide include power washing, gum removal, gutter cleaning, Roof cleaning, window and door cleaning, trash room cleaning. We offer many more cleaning services. Our cleaning services can be tailored to match your business’s needs and be scheduled for different times of the month. We are also continually adding new types of cleaning services. So our clients have the best selection of cleaning services in San Ramon, Dublin Bay area.Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

We all get busy, but that is no excuse to having a dirty building. Instead of having customers complaining about grim and trash around your business, you can hire us. And we will come and clean your business as scheduled. If you have any questions about our food, retail, and office cleaning service, please call us.

Building soft washCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

Psychology and marketing experts both agree that the first impression is one of the most crucial and critical ones when it comes down to a salesman and a customer. As a business owner, you should already be well aware of the fact that the first impression that your building is going to make is going to have a tremendous impact on the customer. And it’s going to dictate the further course of your relationships.Commercial Pressure Washing Services. That’s why you want to make sure that it’s splendid and it reflects your professionalism, reliability, and impeccable reputation.

Now, what is more, when it comes to Commercial Building Cleaning in Dublin, San Ramon Bay area, there are quite a few things that you might want to take into account. Just because of this, it’s highly advantageous that you hire professionals with established experience and expertise in the field. Something that’s going to help you out significantly. Regardless of whether you are running a small store. An exquisite restaurant or a penthouse lobby-bar, the cleaning is without a doubt one of the most important things.Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

Commercial Building Cleaning – Things to ConsiderCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

There are quite a lot of specifications when it comes to the cleaning of commercial buildings. Our company is capable of taking care of everything from head to toe without you having to lift so much as a finger. Our employee’s years of experience, quality, and safety training can guarantee for a high-quality workflow and results in the Dublin, San Ramon Bay Area. With this in mind, we are also able to provide everything in a splendid fashion as per the highest industry standards. As a bonus for hiring our services, we are also going to take care the sidewalks around the building because they are also at least as important as the building itself.

Keep Your Storefront CleanCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

This is also something incredibly important. The reasons are quite obvious – the storefront is something in which there are a lot of people, and this is going to have an impact on the general impression which is created for the company. That’s why you want to maintain the highest level of services all the time as we will also give your staff valuable tips on how to handle your storefront. Of course, the entire exterior of the building is also something that should be placed an emphasis on. This is, ultimately, the most important thing that has to be taken into account.Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

In any case, having a clean and welcoming building is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools that you can take advantage of passively. You shouldn’t expect compliments for this. But you will surely get a lot of negative talk if you fail to implement everything as stated. Make sure that everything is handled professionally and double check everything so that you are through with this.

Walkways sidewalksCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

Walkways and sidewalks are constantly in use and this can lead to the accumulation of components such as dirt, grime, even compromising the integrity of the material. Stains and other damage inflicted upon them is far from ideal as well.

For commercial property, it is imperative for walkways and sidewalks to be clean for visitors and customers. Unclean areas are unbecoming for commercial areas as they may put customers off and thus, result in a loss of valuable business.

By using our cleaning services in San Ramon, Danville Lafayette, Moraga, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley. etc, you can ensure a premium condition of your sidewalks and walkways.Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

Shopping Center WalkwaysCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

Shopping centers attract a very high volume of customers. While this is excellent for business, with the high numbers, the accumulation of dirt and litter is inevitable. As the owner of a commercial property, big crowds may be your goal to gain profit, but unattractive and messy areas can discourage many customers leading to unwanted losses. Image is everything in retail space, and to avoid harming your reputation, it’s imperative to keep the walkways clean. Our team of trained professionals can surely make your walkways spotless even on a time crunch.Commercial Pressure Washing Services. Our effective service, available in Oakland, Alamo, Blackhawk, Pleasanton, Moraga, etc, marks the end of your search for the ideal cleaning service. Even the most critical of your customers will have nothing to complain about!

Best Power Washing Services:

Superior quality is something that almost every store strives to provide. If a certain level of cleanliness isn’t maintained, then a negative message is sent to customers. Lack of willingness to take care of quality control is bound to dissuade customers.Commercial Pressure Washing Services. “If their walkways and working environment are dirty and cluttered, what does that say about the quality  of their merchandise or services?” While this thought may seem far-fetched,  it is well within possibility. Word of mouth is crucial for businesses, and one such negative review can give momentum to an unfavorable chain reaction. It is very important for a shopping center to maintain an inviting atmosphere. Customers browse through various stores, and most use the available amenities to the fullest. The time a customer spends in the shopping center is an important opportunity for businesses to get their attention.  But a customer may avoid a commercial building with unclean and cluttered walkways altogether. The walkways might appear to be an inconsequential factor, but the smallest imperfection can cause problems. Our insured, professional service in Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Castro Valley, etc can ensure pristine walkways in minimum time.Commercial Pressure Washing Services. Our impressive work is sure to instill confidence in you and hence, the customers. Following our exceptional work, the good-as-new walkways will be discreetly compelling for the customers to spend extra time in your shopping center.

Parking Garage CleaningCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

If someone were to ask you, “What are the spaces on a commercial property that give someone the first impression of the same?”, what would your answer be?

Generally, most people would not think to include a parking garage in the answer to this question. Interestingly, the parking garage is often one of the first things that a customer, tenant, or buyer sees. So, a spotless parking garage may be one of the first steps to gain the customer, tenant, or buyer’s confidence.

Constant public traffic can lead to the accumulation of a lot of dust, garbage, and tire marks. These factors make it quite tedious to regularly maintain the garage. Not having the right solutions or appropriate equipment for cleaning the garage can only cause a myriad of problems.

Employ our professional services in San Francisco Oakland, Berkeley, Moraga, Lafayette, etc to get an immaculate parking garage while saving your time and effort.

The list below explores the reasons for scheduling and investing in a professional parking garage cleaning service such as ours.

Benefits of A Clean Parking GarageCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

A Clean Parking Garage Reinforces A Positive Image

Irrespective of whether you are the property owner or manager, you care about the image of your property. A clean surrounding suggests as well as promotes a decluttered mental state, and hence, makes a good impression on your visitors. If the parking garage is dirty, it can be perceived as a sign of laziness, carelessness, poor management, and apathy.Commercial Pressure Washing Services. Every person entering a commercial establishment wants to feel well received, and maybe even cared for. A dirty garage in a deteriorated condition is far from a warm welcome.

Protect Your InvestmentCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

A massive amount of time, money, and effort goes into the maintenance of your commercial property. You wouldn’t want the parking garage to be your downfall.

Extraordinary amounts of dirt, sand, silt, debris, oil, and other fluids can not only stain the garage surface but also deteriorate the quality. If the cement is left unmaintained it may lead to the concrete of asphalt breaking down, allowing weeds to form in the cracks. An expensive fix such as this can be easily avoided if the parking garage is regularly cleaned and maintained.

Protection From LawsuitsCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

Oil spills, grime, large debris, and other dirt could lead to injuries and car damage. When it comes to your property, it’s best to have all bases covered to ensure everyone is safe and satisfied.Commercial Pressure Washing Services. Scheduling regular parking garage sweeping and cleaning can protect everyone who enters and exits your building. Our impeccable service in Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Castro Valley, etc can protect you, your employees, and customers.

Reduce Pollution and Discourage LitteringCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

A clean parking garage will discourage people from littering. A dirty parking garage may contribute to people not caring enough about a clean environment. A clean garage may inspire respectful behavior.

Sand, salt, debris, etc can wash into stormwater drains and run-off areas which can be prevented by a parking garage cleaning service like ours.


Our services in San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, Blackhawk, Walnut Creek, etc have the equipment needed to handle the dirt and grime that can accumulate in a parking garage. . Additionally, the removal of elements such as dust can prevent allergies and other irritations.Commercial Pressure Washing Services. At Professional Powerwashing and Maintenance, we are committed to keeping your parking garage clean with our professional training and strong work ethic. We use state of the art equipment to ensure we use as little water and resources as possible while ensuring a sparkling clean space for you.

Graffiti Removal

San Ramon, Dublin Bay area, is filled with graffiti prints that affect the beauty of the city and your business.  It poses a serious impact on the legitimacy and authority of the business as it can damage the professional appeal of your establishment. As a result, there is a possibility that you will lose the respect and the loyalty of your consumers.Commercial Pressure Washing Services.  Fortunately, Professional Power Washing and Maintenance provide a solution to these annoying problems. With our graffiti removal service, we can guarantee that we will successfully eradicate these graffiti down to their tiniest details.

The Benefits of Hiring the Graffiti Removal Service of Professional Power Washing and Maintenance

It is very critical to remove this graffiti as soon as possible.  Every minute that it stays on your property creates a significant impact on the reputation of your business as well as drastically reduces the ability to remove 100%.  A wall with graffiti also invites these youngsters to also create their own print on the wall.  They can easily assume that it is a nice place to write their own print.

Graffiti Removal Service Contributes to a Clean-Looking CityCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

With the help of the graffiti removal service of Professional Power Washing and Maintenance, you can contribute in maintaining the beauty of San Francisco, Oakland Bay area.  Imagine the Oakland Bay where all the graffiti in the walls have been removed and only walls that have been clearly painted remains.  A clean wall creates a better mood and it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  We can provide an expert service that will not ruin the authentic luster of the walls.  We have the right equipment & experience to clean the different types of walls, from limestone, brick walls to concrete.Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

Save Time

For people who are running their own business, they have no adequate time to waste on cleaning the graffiti.  The graffiti removal service of Professional Power Washing and Maintenance will take care of the complex job for you allowing you to focus on managing your business.

With our years of experience in providing our graffiti removal service, we can guarantee that we will be able to get rid of the annoying graffiti in an instant.  We have the right cleaning solution and equipment to keep the quality of your paint and wall intact. We offer these various benefits to you for a very reasonable charge.  Call our hotline right now and let us take that burden away from you.

Chewing gum Removal

Chewing gum stuck to furniture, the ground, and more is an off-putting sight. Sadly,  it is also a common occurrence. If chewing gum isn’t disposed of properly, it turns into an unsightly stain. These stains can give a negative impression of your business to pedestrians and clients alike.

In addition to undisposed chewing gum being unattractive, as time passes, it becomes more and more difficult to get rid of it. The chemical composition of most chewing gum combined with the acidity of the saliva it’s covered in makes it tough to remove it.

There’s a good chance that anyone walking in or out of your property may step on it, carrying it everywhere from the office carpets to the entryway mats. Chewing gum can be forced deep into the concrete’s porous surfaces as well as into the carpet fibers. The possibility of everyone stepping on it and moving it only makes it worse. Therefore, it is ideal to remove it as soon as possible.

You can avail of our professional services in San Ramon, Oakland, Berkeley, Danville, Alamo, Lafayette, Moraga, etc, to remove abhorrent, sticky chewing gum.

DIY Chewing Gum RemovalCommercial Pressure Washing Services.

There are some techniques to remove chewing gum by yourself using DIY methods. Orange peel oil and paint stripper work well on gum residues but mixing the two fluids can lead to tarnishing the concrete. As a preventive measure, try one of the chemicals on the surface’s corner. If the chemical discolors or harms the texture, do not use it. After the chosen chemical has been applied and worked into the liquid, you can use a hand scraper to remove the gum. DIY chewing gum removal, however, is not recommended. If done incorrectly, it can lead to more damage making the removal more strenuous in the future.Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

What is the best methodology?Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

A lot of factors carry weight when it comes to the best methodology for removing chewing gum.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

The gum’s and level of penetration into the concrete surface plays a significant role. If the gum has been left recently and hasn’t sunk into the surface yet, it can be removed using ice. To transform the gum from a warm, stringy mess to a workable substance, it is covered in ice until it freezes. Following that, a metal knife or scraper can be slid under the gum, moving it slowly to make it peel off the concrete easily. If the gum has turned into a black smudge on the concrete, cold water pressure washers are not recommended. The age, porosity, and density of the concrete play major roles in the concrete’s reaction to high pressure or hot water. If excessive pressure is used, it can damage the concrete by etching. Etched concrete generally cannot be repaired. Thus, extra care must be taken when dialing in your nozzle and distance setting. This would not be a problem for our experienced and well-trained professionals. Generally, the best and safest method to remove chewing gum is by using a hot water pressure washer setup. At Professional Powerwashing and Maintenance, we use solutions that are customized to ensure chewing gum removal without any harm befalling the concrete. As professional concrete cleaning contractors in San Francisco, Blackhawk, Walnut Creek, Castro Valley, Pleasanton, etc, chewing gum removal is almost a daily task for us. Our experience combined with our state of the art equipment and expert solutions ensure effective and faultless chewing gum removal.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Often, people don’t realise how dirty a solar panel can get, or that they need to be cleaned regularly. A common misconception is that rainwater will take care of the solar panel cleaning. While that isn’t completely false, it’s also far from the truth. Consider your car’s windscreen. If the windscreen hasn’t been cleaned for 6 months, how much visibility would you have? If the grime is left on for too long, it will accumulate, and eventually, a “green” film forms, hampering your visibility. Even after a “rain wash”, the dust particles in the rain would settle and attach to the surface. When using the windscreen wipers, the centre is cleaned but there is a film of dirt wherever the wipers don’t reach. Your solar panel is in a similar condition as your windscreen edges as they are subjected to the same elements. It is imperative to maximize the light entering the solar panel.Commercial Pressure Washing Services. Our solar cleaning service in San Ramon, Dublin, Danville, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Alamo, Blackhawk, etc can ensure the premium condition of your solar panel.

Why Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning?Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

There are various external influences such as dust, grime, salt spray, leaves, bird droppings, etc that contribute to your dirty solar panel. A photovoltaic system will perform its best when it’s able to have completely unobstructed access to the rays of the sun.Commercial Pressure Washing Services. Usually, a glass coating is used for solar panels to protect solar cells. When there’s an accumulation of dust and dirt on these protective glass panels, it gradually reduces the amount of sunlight the cells gain. Hence, a clean solar panel maximises the generation of electricity. If the solar panel isn’t clean, it could lose up to 30% of its efficiency. The untrained eye can miss multiple other problems that may crop the solar panel’s lifetime. For example, cracks that may have developed due to hail or other falling objects, or loose parts of the racking. Solar panel cleaning is especially essential if you have a flat solar panel. An experiment showed that when you clean flat design solar panels, the energy was almost doubled overnight after 15 months of operation.Commercial Pressure Washing Services. Flat panels require more maintenance as compared to the angled designs as water can pool up, and leave a residue after evaporation in the case of the former.

Why Call Professionals?

Tap water and chemicals can leave a residue that encourages dirt buildup. Professionals like us use de-ionised water that gives a spotless and long-lasting finish to the solar panel.

Additionally, a professional solar cleaning service can securely check for potential fire safety issues, hot spots, bird or insect nests, etc. You needn’t risk injury to clean your solar panel when you can employ reliable and trained professionals like us.

Detection of crazing i.e. a web of small cracks and delamination is also crucial for the effective functioning of the panel. It’s recommended to get your solar panels cleaned regularly to prevent buildup and promote optimal functionality at all times.

Commit fully to a better environment by regularly cleaning and maintaining your solar panel. You can employ our professional solar panel cleaning services in multiple locations such as San Francisco, Berkeley, Pleasanton, Lafayette, Moraga, Castro Valley, and more.


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