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Worker and Customer Safety During Pandemic

The on-going pandemic has left us all scared, confused, and constantly worried. During tough times like these, those with customer-facing jobs are all the more fearful. Apart from frontline workers, those offering in-house client services such as roof cleaning, house washing, or deck and patio cleaning are also at risk. However, constantly worrying is not going to help; but taking selective measures to protect yourself in your customer-facing job will. Here are some things you can keep in mind to ensure your safety while doing your job.

Gauge the Urgency of the Task

First and foremost, you need to categorize tasks on the basis of emergency. If the task is not urgent, you can postpone it until a later time. However, if it needs to be tended to right away, you can head to the location- but of course, with caution. Also, categorize the task in accordance with different risk exposure levels.

Understand the Client Situation (During Pandemic)

Once the work is determined to be urgent, you need to ask your clients these details: Are there any individuals under self-quarantine or isolation due to Covid-19? Are any suffering from flu-like symptoms? If so, will they be interacting directly with you?

Precautions you Need to Take

If the answer to the above questions is yes, you need to follow a set of precautions that will keep you safe. Let’s understand these measures:

  • Avoid shaking hands with occupants of the home upon arrival. Although it is part of professional courtesy, the times are different now.
  • We will provide you with top-quality masks that you need to keep on at all times. While most in-home services are unlikely to need PPE beyond a mask, you can always choose to put on the entire gear. If the situation calls for it, do opt for the entire PPE gear (face shields, masks, gloves, and eye protection)
  • As an organization, our utmost priority is the safety of our employees; which is why we provide you with gloves, disinfectants, and sanitisers. You can use these to wipe surfaces or equipment you touch.
  • As much as possible, try maintaining a distance of six feet from someone with symptoms.
  • Once you touch any surfaces, avoid touching your face, eyes, nostrils, or mouth unless you have thoroughly washed your hands upon completion of work and removal of PPE.
  • Ensure you cover your coughs and sneezes. You can do so by sneezing or coughing into a disposable tissue or into your elbow crease.

Our Responsibilities as an Employer (During Pandemic)

As an employer, along with helping you with the safety measures, we will do our best to ensure client home spaces are safe for you to work in. This will ensure the protection of both employees as well as customers. SOPs for clients include transparency concerning the health of occupants, maintaining a good airflow in the home, and preference for online modes of payment. All these measures will cut down the risk of cross-contamination, allowing you to carry on with your work worry-free.

We offer services across different cities such as San Ramon, Dublin, Alamo, Blackhawk, and even Danville – and we have ensured that these protocols are uniformly implemented in each and every city.

Irrespective of this, if you feel unsafe at any moment, you always have the option to walk out. If some customers are not willing to follow safety guidelines despite bringing it to their notice, the best way is to head out – even if the task is not complete.