Pressure washing

Pressure Washing Safety, and Why Sometimes Hiring a Professional is Best

The pandemic has forced us indoors, and the lockdown has urged us to look within, not just ourselves but our homes as well. Looking around your home and seeing soot-covered white walls, oil stains on the driveway, patio, and the roof covered in moss, undoubtedly compels you to get your house cleaned instantly. Surely, the allure of a DIY project, especially during quarantine, may be too much to resist.

A Pressure Washing is an incredibly powerful machine. The sheer pressure of the water can cut through skin and cause severe injuries. Pressure washing is dangerous, especially for a first-timer. While it’s not recommended to clean your homes with a pressure washer, all by yourself, there are some precautions you must take should you decide to do so.

Pressure Washing Safety Tips

1. Read The Manual

First and foremost, read the instruction manual thoroughly before using a pressure washer. The features, including water temperature, amount of pressure, etc. in various pressure washers differ.

The manuals contain information that is crucial for your safety. Additionally, the user manual also includes instructions about the correct usage of the model-specific safety features.

2. Consider Possible Hazards

Take into account all the possible hazards before using the pressure washer. Some of the hazards are slippery surfaces, distractions, objects you can trip on, pets, and children.

If you ever need to stand on the street when pressure washing, ensure that you have a spotter for approaching traffic. Also, avoid being distracted, especially when you are on the road, as it can lead to catastrophic events. Be sure to make a plan to avoid the possible hazards.

3. Wear Safety Gear

You can prevent many pressure washing related injuries by simply wearing proper safety gear.

  • Always wear closed-toe boots, preferably steel-toe boots, when you are pressure washing. The high-pressure water stream can tear through rubber boots. Strictly refrain from wearing sandals during pressure washing.
  • One of the most common parts that get injured by a pressure washer is your hand. Wear gloves to not only prevent injuries but also improve your grip.
  • Wear long pants to prevent flying debris from injuring you when the high-pressure streams of water blast dirt and debris off a surface.
  • Unprotected eyes pose similar dangers. Wear shatterproof sunglasses or better yet, safety glasses, to protect your eyes from the flying dirt and debris.
  • Hearing protection is recommended when you use gas pressure washers. The machine generates a lot of noise because the motor isn’t enclosed. If you aren’t careful, the noise can damage your hearing.

4. Never Aim Pressure Washers at Anyone

Do not aim a pressure washer at any human or pet. The high-pressured water can tear through the skin and cause severe injuries. Before pulling the trigger, be extra vigilant with target placing.

Never aim the nozzle at windows or other breakable materials. For fragile materials like glass, use low-pressure nozzles to avoid damage. Do not allow children to operate a pressure washer.

5. Use the Safety Latch

When you aren’t using the pressure washer, always engage the safety latch. Many pressure washers have a safety latch on the handle. The small lever can be flipped horizontally behind the trigger for preventing unintended activation.

Additionally, never leave the pressure washer unattended when it’s on. If you need to leave, turn it off before stepping away.

6. Depressurize Before Disassembling

After using the pressure washer, turn it off, and then squeeze the trigger. Pressure can remain inside even after turning the machine off, improper release of which can lead to injuries.

Squeeze the trigger and allow the pressure to release before detaching the spray gun, hose, or nuzzle.

7. Do Not Use Pressure Washers in Enclosed Areas

This applies to gas pressure washers as gas engines emit carbon monoxide which can be deadly. If you want to use a pressure washer in an enclosed area, like a garage, use an electric pressure washer.

Trust The Professionals

Even with all the above-mentioned precautions and safety tips, it’s always recommended that you employ professionals like us. The risk of injury when using a pressure washer cannot be underestimated. Experts are trained to handle the powerful machines and high-pressure streams of water. Additionally, the process involves electricity and can lead to electric shocks.

Aside from the essential safety reasons, hiring professionals also saves money, time, and energy, while giving you the best results. For pressure washing, you need to invest a considerable amount in a quality pressure washer, cleaning chemicals, safety equipment, etc. Investing in our professional services in San Ramon and Danville is undeniably cheaper. Place your trust in pressure washing experts like us, and get optimal results without risking yourself.