Property Maintenance: Is it Better to Hire a Professional or Should you Take a DIY Approach?

House washing

All of us love to keep our homes as clean as possible. If you look around your house, you’d probably find multiple appliances that are only used for cleaning, like a vacuum, washing machine, and all the various cloths, sponges, and brushes that we keep around for spot cleaning. We want our homes to be a representation of ourselves. A dirty home is going to give off a bad appearance (best pressure washing).

However, even though we spend a ton of time touching up the inner part of our house, the outside of our houses is the one that gives the first real impression. Things like having a dirty sidewalk, an unclean roof, and grime-covered walls can all be offputting to guests and neighbors as well. That is why regular property maintenance is a must.

Now, whenever a person decides to do a bit of property maintenance, the first question that comes to their mind is, should I hire a professional or do it all on my own? (best pressure washing) This article will give you everything you need to know to answer this question.

What Does Property Maintenance Include?

To figure out whether it’s possible to do this job on your own, you need to figure out what it entails. When you think about property maintenance, there are a few choices things that spring up in mind. We’ve made a list of all the main power washing jobs that people perform.

  • Window cleaning
  • Roof cleaning
  • Soft washing of the building walls
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Sidewalk washing
  • Patio cleaning

A lot of these jobs seem quite risky to do as they require specialized equipment. Additionally, all of these places have a ton of dirt on them, which makes it extremely hard to clean them properly.

Cost vs. Value: Is a Professional Power Cleaner Worth the Price Tag?

This is the major reason why most people want to try a DIY approach instead of simply hiring a professional. The truth of the matter is that professional power washers can be quite costly, and a lot of people don’t see the point of shelling out so much cash. They believe that a  DIY approach will be much more cost-effective, even if it is time-consuming.

But unfortunately, we do not recommend this DIY approach for several reasons. Firstly, these tasks are extremely risky, and a lot of them (like gutter cleaning and window washing) will require you to use a ladder to get to them. (best pressure washing) If you don’t have access to all of the specialized tools that the professionals do, you won’t be able to reach the target cleaning spot easily. A mishap is bound to happen.

Professionals know what they’re doing, and they can give you way better results than a DIY approach. Additionally, even if the worst does happen, power washing companies provide insurance to their workers so that they will be taken care of. Getting local companies to do your power washing is also a great way to support local businesses.

Our Final Verdict:

Although a DIY approach might indeed be easier on your wallet, ultimately, it’s simply not worth the risk. A slight slip up can cost you your life or lead to severe injuries. Moreover, professionals have access to special equipment that will allow them to get a perfect finish every time.

Ask around in your neighborhood about who the best local power washing company is. This way, you’ll be able to find a bunch of professionals that you can trust while also supporting your local community.

If you happen to live in the areas of San Ramon, Danville, Blackhawk and you’re looking for a professional power washing company that can serve all of your maintenance needs, then check out Professional Power Washing and Property Maintenance in San Ramon. As a local company that has worked with the community for a long time, we are dedicated to bringing you the best results that will make your surroundings look as if they were brand new.

San Ramon gutter cleaning free safety tips and tricks

Gutter cleaning is an important, albeit tiresome and mundane process for home maintenance. Fall is generally the time when people get the gutters cleaned out to prepare for the snowy or rainy season ahead. If there’s no proper flow of rainwater through the gutter, it could lead to the pooling of water, thus damaging the roof, gutter, ceiling, walls, resulting in costly repairs.

It is the safest option to employ a professional gutter cleaning service such as ourselves. However, if you do decide to do it yourself, listed below are some important safety tips for this tedious task.

Ladder Safety is Paramount

Use the buddy system to the fullest wherein you have someone to stabilize the bottom of the ladder in case of any mishap. At the very least, always inform someone when you use the ladder for gutter cleaning. A safe and sturdy ladder goes a long way. Also, preferably opt for one with a small shelf strong enough to securely hold a five-gallon bucket for collecting gutter debris.

While an extension ladder is an excellent choice for a two-story or taller structure, a four-legged step ladder works well for single storied structures. An orchard ladder only has three legs for support and is prone to losing balance, making it a less than ideal choice. A wooden ladder is not recommended as well because of its tendency to get wobbly. Fiberglass ladders may be the sturdiest, but they are also the heaviest. This may not seem like an issue in the beginning but after hours of gutter cleaning, moving heavy ladders can cause muscle fatigue.

Before climbing, inspect your ladder thoroughly for loose screws or bolts, or any defects. If you are using a step ladder, ensure that the extension-hinge arms fully extended and lock in place.

Use a Garden Hose (Gutter Cleaning)

Utilize a garden hose with a pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle. It allows you to adjust water pressure by using just one hand. Handling the aforementioned nozzle is easy when you are moving the ladder or using a gutter scoop. It can be hung over the front edge of the gutter, and you can find it at any hardware store.

Get a Gutter Scoop

The best overall method for gutter cleaning is probably to scoop out the leafy debris. Plastic scooping tools are an excellent choice. They have a thin front scooping edge and form themselves to the bottom of the gutter trough, making scooping out of the toughest debris easier in any gutter system.

Metal scooping tools aren’t recommended because they can damage and scratch the bottom of the gutter and seams.

Protect Your Hands (Gutter Cleaning)

Protect your hands from dirty and rotting leaf debris, often containing bird droppings, by using gloves. Gloves can also protect you from unwelcome cuts from torn metal shards of an old gutter.

Cotton gloves soak up dirty water which exposes the skin to bacteria. Leather gloves tend to shrivel up after being cleaned and dried. Additionally, they aren’t very flexible. Rubber gloves aren’t recommended as they can be torn by the metal shards. The best choice is thick, suede gloves which are superior to any other material for gutter cleaning.

Protect Your Eyes

You never know what might fly out of the downspout during gutter cleaning, making eye protection essential. Industrial glasses or masks may the right choice to avoid an eye injury because of rats, frogs, wasps, and bees clearing out at high speeds.

Clean Off The Roof First (Gutter Cleaning)

Make sure that the roof is clear off all the debris. This will protect you from falling debris if the wind stirs up. Additionally, if the roof isn’t cleaned, the next rain may wash all the debris into the gutter, leading to clogging again.

Be Careful Of Power Line Hazards

Before gutter cleaning around a power line cable, visually inspect the electric cable where it connects to the roof first. Ensure that the protective wire insulation hasn’t rubbed off. If the cable seems to be damaged, get it fixed by a professional. Do not clean gutters with an electrical wire problem especially if it’s raining, as water is a conductor of electricity.


Scheduling semi-annual gutter cleaning, during Spring and Fall, is a great choice to prevent blockage, and for easier cleaning. It eliminates the risk of water damage from rainwater runoff. It also decreases the possibility of rust corrosion.

For gutter cleaning in San Ramon, employ our professional services to save you the hassle of cleaning gutters, and to protect yourself from the possible hazards.