Soft Washing Is The Preferred Method To Clean But Not Damage The Surface

House soft wash

Soft washing is an underrated method for secure surface cleaning. People tend to gravitate towards two extremes: DIY methods and Pressure Washing.

DIY methods are far less effective and safe than a professional power washing.

 For certain surfaces, they may work. But the professional results are undeniably superior and long-lasting.

On the other hand, pressure washing is effective but far from the ideal method as it might severely damage the surface if not done correctly. Additionally, the high pressure used here poses a threat to safety.

Soft washing incorporates the use of special low-pressure nozzles and a chemical cleaning agent. 

The biodegradable chemicals are used to break down dirt and biological elements such as mold, algae, moss, etc. The nozzle used for soft washing drops the pressure point by widening the spray.

Why Is Soft Washing The Best Alternative

1. It Protects Your Property

As mentioned above, the low-pressure nozzle enables a thorough clean without damaging surfaces like patios, roofs, etc.

When you need your walls or fences cleaned, soft washing is the way to go as it doesn’t let your wood. And plants erode or break by high pressure. 

In the case of surfaces like pavers, it effectively removes mold, mildew, algae, etc. while protecting them.

The cherry on top is the use of biodegradable solutions for soft washing. These solutions are environmentally-friendly and don’t affect the grass or landscaping. 

The use of solutions with no alcohol or ammonia prevents acidic damage, protecting fabrics and flooring.

2. It Allows A More Effective Clean

Unlike high pressure, appropriate cleaning solutions eradicate algae, mold, mildew, etc. completely instead of just stripping it.

Also, while pressure washing removes discoloration and unwanted growth from surfaces. It doesn’t always sterilize the surface. In contrast, soft washing sterilizes and prevents new growth of harmful substances. Naturally, this proves to last much longer than pressure washing.

3. It Increases The Longevity Of Surfaces

Algae, mold, and mildew are notorious for breaking down materials on various surfaces, including roofs. Soft washing doesn’t damage your roof. It only removes and kills these biological elements allowing your roof to last longer.

With ugly and damaging buildup, your roof will be safe for years to come. Our professional roof soft washing services in San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Blackhawk, etc. will ensure a deep clean without damaging your roof’s integrity.

4. It Saves Money

You don’t require complex algebraic calculations to conclude that effective, long-lasting soft washing evidently saves money.

As the results of soft washing generally last 4-6 times longer than a pressure washing. You don’t need to employ professional cleaning services often. A fewer number of cleanings indicate lesser money spent on maintenance.

In addition to this, soft washing is safer, which implies reduced expenses of repairing damaged surfaces. The prevention of damaging biological elements buildup suggested decreased spendings on replacements.

Needless to say, that’s an offer no homeowner and business owner can refuse.

When To Choose Soft Washing?

Although the effectiveness and value-for-money of soft washing are undeniable. It wouldn’t be appropriate to disregard pressure washing completely.

Pressure washing is usually ideal for solid, hard surfaces such as concrete, etc. It may also be a good tool to remove a stubborn stain and grime.

 However, this is applicable when pressure washing is handled by trained and experienced professionals like us.

Soft washing is the perfect choice for many surfaces, especially those that may not withstand high pressures. Due to the less robust PSI of a soft washer nozzle.

 It’s more aligned with a garden hose integrated with specialized cleaning solutions. Hence, it’s highly recommended for surfaces such as aluminum, vinyl, brick, masonry, etc.