Solar Panel Cleaning

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    Often, people don’t realise how dirty a solar panel can get, or that they need to be cleaned regularly. A common misconception is that rainwater will take care of the solar panel cleaning services. While that isn’t completely false, it’s also far from the truth.

    Consider your car’s windscreen. If the windscreen hasn’t been cleaned for 6 months, how much visibility would you have? If the grime is left on for too long, it will accumulate, and eventually, a “green” film forms, hampering your visibility. Even after a “rain wash”, the dust particles in the rain would settle and attach to the surface. When using the windscreen wipers, the centre is cleaned but there is a film of dirt wherever the wipers don’t reach.

    Your solar panel is in a similar condition as your windscreen edges as they are subjected to the same elements. It is imperative to maximize the light entering the solar panel.

    Our solar cleaning service in San Ramon, Dublin, Danville, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Alamo, Blackhawk, etc can ensure the premium condition of your solar panel.

    Why Do solar panel cleaning services?

    There are various external influences such as dust, grime, salt spray, leaves, bird droppings, etc that contribute to your dirty solar panel. A photovoltaic system will perform its best when it’s able to have completely unobstructed access to the rays of the sun.

    Usually, a glass coating is used for solar panels to protect solar cells. When there’s an accumulation of dust and dirt on these protective glass panels, it gradually reduces the amount of sunlight the cells gain. Hence, a clean solar panel maximises the generation of electricity. If the solar panel isn’t clean, it could lose up to 30% of its efficiency.

    The untrained eye can miss multiple other problems that may crop the solar panel’s lifetime. For example, cracks that may have developed due to hail or other falling objects, or loose parts of the racking.

    Solar panel cleaning is especially essential if you have a flat solar panel. An experiment showed that when you clean flat design solar panels, the energy was almost doubled overnight after 15 months of operation.

    Flat panels require more maintenance as compared to the angled designs as water can pool up, and leave a residue after evaporation in the case of the former.

    Why Call solar panel cleaning services Professionals?

    Tap water and chemicals can leave a residue that encourages dirt buildup. Professionals like us use de-ionised water that gives a spotless and long-lasting finish to the solar panel.

    Additionally, a professional solar cleaning service can securely check for potential fire safety issues, hot spots, bird or insect nests, etc. You needn’t risk injury to clean your solar panel when you can employ reliable and trained professionals like us.

    Detection of crazing i.e. a web of small cracks and delamination is also crucial for the effective functioning of the panel. It’s recommended to get your solar panels cleaned regularly to prevent buildup and promote optimal functionality at all times.

    Commit fully to a better environment by regularly cleaning and maintaining your solar panel. You can employ our professional solar panel cleaning services in multiple locations such as San Francisco, Berkeley, Pleasanton, Lafayette, Moraga, Castro Valley, and more.


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