Paver patio cleaning/sealing

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    A paver patio is a beautiful and worthwhile investment for your home. However, how good is an investment without proper maintenance. Patios are regularly exposed to all kinds of weathering, making them susceptible to visible damage. Naturally, you would want your home’s exterior to be spotless and inviting which is why Paver Patio Cleaning Services is a necessity.

    Before spending money on anything, we are bound to ask ourselves questions such as “Is this worth it?”. And “What are the benefits of this?”

    Not to worry. To answer all your questions, we have listed below are the benefits of a clean/sealed paver patio.

    1. A Refined And Polished Appearance(Paver Patio Cleaning Services) 

    Natural pavers have a raw, rustic look that may be appealing to some but this may not fit with most decor styles. On the other hand, sealed pavers look polished and help complete your patio’s aesthetic. And the look of your home as well, of course.

    The sealed paver’s shine provides a refined look that increases your curb’s appeal while complementing your home.

    2. Increased Weather Resistance (Paver Patio Cleaning Services)

    Pavers are usually naturally porous, making it vulnerable to water damage and erosion. Sealing acts as a resistant layer for pavers, against heavy rain and harsh UV rays. UV rays cause the pavers to fade. Paver Cleaning and sealing draws out the colors, making your patio look vibrant again.

    If you reside in an area with extreme rain and sun,  paver patio sealing is essential. With that being said, almost all areas are exposed to the harsh sun at some point in the day. So paver sealing is a must regardless of the climate in your area.

    Employ our professional services in San Ramon, Danville Alamo, etc to prevent paver patio damage.

    3. Damage Prevention (Paver Patio Cleaning Services)

    Paver patio sealing covers unwanted cracks, establishing a smooth surface. This prevents chipping and cracks.

    Air temperatures tend to constantly change, inviting an unwelcome expansion and contraction in the pavers. Sealing reduces this, and lesser movement indicates a lesser probability of cracking, making your pavers last longer.

    4. Improved Drainage (Paver Patio Cleaning Services)

    Unsealed pavers trap and absorb water, leading to not only damage but also inhibition of proper drainage. The smooth surface you get after paver patio sealing enables roll-off, so water isn’t collected in the paved area.

    You can make use of our services in Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Blackhawk, etc to ensure smooth drainage in your patio area.

    5. Easier Maintenance

    Paver sealing acts as a protective coat against oil and other stains your patio may be subjected to. It also hinders the growth of insects, weeds, algae, and mildew. So, if and when they do grow, it’s easier to clean them.

    Needless to say, a smooth surface with fewer strains leads to easier maintenance. Our professionals in Castro Valley, Lafayette, Moraga, etc can help make the maintenance process a breeze.

    Why Choose Professionals Paver Patio Cleaning Services?

    Contrary to popular belief, you can save money by using professional services such as ours instead of DIY cleaning and sealing. A trained professional can give your pavers longevity, hence significantly reducing the necessity of replacing them.

    With the use of our methodology of soft washing and pressure washing, your patio will look brand new. Pressure washing rinses and flushes the buildup while the solutions used in soft washing do the cleaning. We choose a solution that is particularly compatible with the area we are cleaning to ensure a safe and thorough clean.

    The quality of our work and the value for money. We provide is impeccable, making the choice easier for you. A clean and sealed paver patio is aesthetically appealing as well as durable. With insured professionals like us, you can save your time, and money while being sure that your patio will be flawless.


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