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    Chewing gum stuck to furniture, the ground, and more is an off-putting sight. Sadly,  it is also a common occurrenceBest Chewing Gum Removal. If chewing gum isn’t disposed of properly, it turns into an unsightly stain. These stains can give a negative impression of your business to pedestrians and clients alike. In addition to undisposed chewing gum being unattractive, as time passes, it becomes more and more difficult to get rid of it. The chemical composition of most chewing gum combined with the acidity of the saliva it’s covered in makes it tough to remove it. There’s a good chance that anyone walking in or out of your property may step on it, carrying it everywhere from the office carpets to the entryway mats. Chewing gum can be forced deep into the concrete’s porous surfaces as well as into the carpet fibers. The possibility of everyone stepping on it and moving it only makes it worse. Therefore, it is ideal to remove it as soon as possible. As a best Chewing Gum Removal company, We provide our professional services in San Ramon, Oakland, Berkeley, Danville, Alamo, Lafayette, Moraga, etc, to remove abhorrent, sticky chewing gum.

    There are some techniques to remove chewing gum by yourself using DIY methods.

    Orange peel oil and paint stripper work well on gum residues but mixing the two fluids can lead to tarnishing the concrete. As a preventive measure, try one of the chemicals on the surface’s corner. If the chemical discolors or harms the texture, do not use it. After the chosen chemical has been applied and worked into the liquid, you can use a hand scraper to remove the gum.

    DIY chewing gum removal, however, is not recommended. If done incorrectly, it can lead to more damage making the removal more strenuous in the future.

    What is the best methodology? Best Chewing Gum Removal

    A lot of factors carry weight when it comes to the best methodology for removing chewing gum.

    The gum’s and level of penetration into the concrete surface plays a significant role. If the gum has been left recently and hasn’t sunk into the surface yet, it can be removed using ice.

    To transform the gum from a warm, stringy mess to a workable substance, it is covered in ice until it freezes. Following that, a metal knife or scraper can be slid under the gum, moving it slowly to make it peel off the concrete easily.

    If the gum has turned into a black smudge on the concrete, cold water pressure washers are not recommended. The age, porosity, and density of the concrete play major roles in the concrete’s reaction to high pressure or hot water.

    If excessive pressure is used, it can damage the concrete by etching. Etched concrete generally cannot be repaired. Thus, extra care must be taken when dialing in your nozzle and distance setting. This would not be a problem for our experienced and well-trained professionals.

    Generally, the best and safest method to remove chewing gum is by using a hot water pressure washer setup. At Professional Powerwashing and Maintenance, we use solutions that are customized to ensure chewing gum removal without any harm befalling the concrete.

    As professional concrete cleaning contractors in San Francisco, Blackhawk, Walnut Creek, Castro Valley, Pleasanton, etc, chewing gum removal is almost a daily task for us. Our experience combined with our state of the art equipment and expert solutions ensure effective and faultless chewing gum removal.


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